What is Botanical Seasonals?

Botanical Seasonals is a growing line of season changing products from Botanical.

All Seasonals products come with a wearable (or rezzable) cross product controller that allows you to change EVERY Botanical Seasonals product you own to 1 of 13 possible built in season effects. Seasonal effects can include seasonal textures, blooming flowers, growing fruit, falling leaves… All handled automatically, and all under your control!

Why is Botanical Seasonals better?


Unlike other season changing options that are available, Botanical Seasonals does not require to you to change only one item at a time or force you to change ALL items you own to a single season.

While these specific options are possible with Seasonals, you also have the ability to change specific areas of your land to different seasons, keeping some parts of your landscaping in one season while advancing others, simulating the nuanced progress of seasonal change found in nature. You can keep the landscaping in higher elevations or your land in Autumn and Winter, while lower elevations experience prolonged summers. Keep a secret garden in perpetual spring while the surrounding areas progress naturally. For a spooky occasion, you can chose to wither and brown all your landscaping at once with our special “Bare” season option.

Anything is possible, and it’s all under your control!

No Cross Talk

The Botanical Seasonals controller will work only work on Botanical Seasonals items you personally own, so multiple people can use Botanical Seasonals items in the same region without affecting each other.

The More you Own, the Move Value You Get

As you collect and use more Botanical Seasonals products, the value of the system increases exponentially. Less time is spent redecorating your land, giving you more time to enjoy it! Land size is not an issue. An entire region or multi region estate is just as easy to change as a single plot of land.

Seasonal is The New Standard

What started as a specific line of Botanical products in 2009 has become the standard for releases at Botanical. While Seasonals items once commanded a higher premium price, those days are gone. If it can be seasonal, it will be. No extra charge, no additional “bolt on” purchases required.

Low Server Resource Use

Botanical Seasonals was developed to allow an entire region of scripted items to use the same system, while keeping simulator resources to a minimum. Normal use of Seasonals products are in the range of 4 to 13 times a year. Rigorous testing of Botanical Seasonals code involves the use of literally thousands of rezzed Seasonals items in a single region changing multiple times a minute, well beyond normal usage rates, with no adverse effects to region resources. Because of how scripts are managed in Second Life™, the server side impact of 1 single Seasonals product is no different from the impact of 100 of the same product. We consistently find examples of scripted items that have a significantly higher resource usage in a single product than an entire region of Seasonal items.

Always Improving

We are constantly looking for ways to improve Seasonals products. As new options are introduced, free updates are given to customers who have purchased product versions in the past.

More Information…

Already own a Botanical Seasonals product or just want to know more about how the system works? Click here to learn how to use Botanical Seasonals and read about specific options available for all Botanical Seasonals products.

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