How to Use Seasonals

Attention! This page is for Seasonals V2. If you need information about the Seasonals V1 (white) controller, click here.

To use Botanical Seasonals, simply wear or rez the Botanical Seasonals Controller.

Selecting a Season

Seasonals V2 allows you to change between up to 13 different seasonal textures on your Botanical Seasonals compatible products. 12 textures are reserved for Early, Mid and Late versions of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter seasons. A 13th “Bare” option is used on many Seasonal products for dead or defoliated looks.

To change the season, click on one of the five season buttons. An indicator will show the active season. Clicking the same button again will advance the season by one. For example, if you select Spring on the HUD, Early Spring will be activated. Clicking the Spring button again will advance the season to Mid Spring. Clicking once more will advance to Late Spring. Another click will bring the season back to Early Spring. You can also directly click Early, Mid and Late to choose those options immediately.

Information! Not all Botanical products use every seasonal option.

 Changing the Seasonals Area of Effect

If you do not need to change an entire region at once, you can selectively change smaller areas of your land by adjusting the Area of Effect on the controller. You can set the controller change items within 100 meters, 20 meters or 10 meters from the controller’s position. After you have selected the area, clicking a season button on the controller will change all Botanical Seasonals items you own within the selected range to that season.

Attention! If you select a season and nothing happens, you may be out of range of your Botanical Seasonals product.
Make sure you are within range by moving closer to the item you are trying to change, or by increasing the HUD range.

Group, Partner and Land Manager Access

If you would like a partner or landscape manager to also be able to control your Botanical Seasonals landscaping, find a convenient location and rez the Seasonals controller inworld.

When rezzed, anyone who is wearing the same group tag as the group the controller is set to will be able to change the seasons of your products.

You can change the group of the controller by right clicking the controller, selecting “Edit”, then clicking the wrench icon under the “General” tab and choose any group.

Attention! If a controller is rezzed and the group is set to “None”, anyone without a group tag can use your controller.
It is recommended to set the controller to a group that only your partner or land manager can join.

Version Compatability

The Seasonals V2 controller can control any previous Botanical “Touch 2 Change” or “Seasonals V1” product. Earlier products will use their generic season equivalent. For example: Selecting Early, Mid or Late Spring on the V2 controller will set a “Touch 2 Change” or “Seasonals V1” product to “Spring”.

Seasonal V2 products can only use the Seasonal V2 HUD.

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