Botanical Seasonals V2!

October 2, 2015 Seasonal

Botanical Seasonals continues it’s evolution in seasonal landscaping options with an expanded range of seasonal options!

Botanical is proud to announce the latest compliment to dynamic landscaping products in Second Life ™ with the new Seasonals V2 texture controller.

This new and improved Seasonals system allows for up to 13 seasonal texture options for Seasonals V2 products. You now have access to Early, Mid and Late seasonal options for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, plus the standard Bare option.

The updated Seasonals V2 texture controller.

The updated Seasonals V2 texture controller.

The new Seasonals V2 controller is compatible with all previous “Touch 2 Change” and “Seasonals V1” products and will come bundled with all future Botanical Seasonals releases. Seasonals V2 products will only respond to the new Seasonals V2 controller.

If you are new to Botanical Seasonals, follow this link to learn more about this time-saving Botanical feature.
Check out the new online help page to learn how to use the new Seasonals V2 system.

We hope that this new finer control over your seasonal landscaping will help make your Second Life™ landscaping even more diverse and rich. Stay tuned for new releases that use the Botanical Seasonals V2 controller!

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