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Use Seasonal Fallen Leaves for year-round landscaping!

New at Botanical for Autumn are Seasonal Fallen Leaf piles! [...]

October 27, 2016 Mesh, New Release, Seasonal, Weather Effects

Seasonal Douglas Fir Tree Set

A new seasonal tree set is available at Botanical! [...]

December 7, 2015 Mesh, New Release, Seasonal

New Botanical Seasonal Dirt Road

Detailed and full of options, this new release will definitely have a place in your landscape! [...]

October 2, 2015 Mesh, New Release, Seasonal, Weather Effects

Botanical Seasonals V2!

Botanical Seasonals continues it’s evolution in seasonal landscaping options with an expanded range of seasonal options! [...]

October 2, 2015 Seasonal

Seasonal Boxwood Hedge, Arches and Bushes Now Available!

Introducing two new Seasonal releases that are sure to add that touch of elegance you’ve been missing! [...]

December 16, 2014 Mesh, New Release, Seasonal

New Seasonal Releases For Parks and Public Areas

Autumn is upon us and the time for transitioning your landscape to lavish displays of yellow, oranges and reds is here! [...]

October 1, 2014 Interactive Items, Mesh, New Release, Seasonal

New South Pacific Tropicals

Botanical continues it’s tropical exploration with two unique plant and tree specimens from Australia and New Zealand. First is the Botanical King Fern, an impressive plant set that can serve as both an accent piece or landscape filler. Three unique seasonal models [...]

July 6, 2014 Interactive Items, Mesh, New Release, Seasonal

New Tropical Plants! Blooming Taro

Just in time for Summerfest’14 is the new release of Blooming Taro plants from Botanical! The Blooming Taro plants are 1 Land Impact each and include 5 seasonal texture options. The release has been divided into two sets: A four [...]

June 24, 2014 Mesh, New Release, Seasonal

New Blooming Agave

The Blooming Desert theme continues with the release of the new Blooming Agave plants at Botanical! The Botanical Blooming Agave Set comes with 4 unique plant models. Each model has 5 individual season textures, with leaves, flowers and fruits changing with each [...]

June 14, 2014 Mesh, New Release, Seasonal

See the Desert in Bloom

See the desert in bloom with two new seasonal succulent releases; The Botanical Prickly Pear and Botanical Saguaro Cactus Sets. Also, a new Full Perm Desert Terrain texture collection has been added to the store, to give your new cacti [...]

June 6, 2014 Mesh, New Release, Seasonal, Terrain Textures
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