Seasonal Weather Has Arrived!

December 21, 2015 Mesh, New Release

Botanical is happy to announce a new product in the form of an all-in-one Seasonal Rain and Snow Weather System!

The Botanical Seasonal Weather System allows you to add rain and snow effects to your environment for year-round weather enjoyment!

The system comes packaged as a HUD, from which you can easily rez several sizes of weather effects for easy and effective coverage of your land, precisely where you want it.

Weather effects include three levels of rain or snow severity and movement, as well as custom environmental sounds for each level. Available weather options are:

  • Clear (weather effects are hidden)
  • Light / Medium / Heavy Rain
  • Light / Medium / Heavy Snow

The sizes included should cover most typical use:

  • 64x64x40 – 9 LI. 64 meters to a side and 40 meters tall. Excellent filler for large low/no traffic areas.
  • 20x20x40 – 1 LI. 20 meters to a side and 40 meters tall. Great for medium size areas with higher traffic.
  • 10x10x40 – 1 LI. 10 meters to a side and 40 meters tall. A smaller size for more precise weather placement.
  • 5x20x40 – 1 LI. 5 meters wide, 20 meters long, 40 meters tall. Good for alleys and against buildings.
  • 5x10x40 – 1 LI. 5 meters wide, 10 meters long, 40 meters tall. A good option for surrounding smaller buildings.

Rezzing the controller on your property turns the HUD into a group accessible interface for partners and land managers to change the weather and also unlocks the ability for automatic timed weather changes.

Weather effects are also compatible with the Seasonals V2 controller, allowing you to change the weather from rain to snow as you are changing your landscape!

Check out the online help page and see the available options in detail.

Available now at the Botanical Store (with interactive demo) and the Marketplace.

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