Botanical Prizes in MadPea’s Newest Hunt

October 8, 2015 Blog, Hunts and Events

Botanical is pleased to be participating in the latest MadPea Hunt: The Peatonville Asylum.
From October 9th to November 30th, you have to chance to win two exclusive Botanical prizes when you play “The Peatonville Asylum” hunt, created by MadPea.

Rated “Silver” and “Gold”, you can claim each prize depending on the game HUD that is purchased.

BotanicalNoose1024 BotanicalCeremonialMound1024

The Hangman’s Noose (Silver Prize) has 4 poses available, and also includes sounds and an animated rotate while someone is hanging.

The Ceremonial Rock Mound with Spirit Trap (Gold Prize) is a two piece item (rock mound and trap) that can be used separately.

The HUDs can be purchased at the Botanical store landing area starting October 9th. After the hunt is over, both prizes will be available for purchase from the in-world Botanical store as well as the SL Marketplace.

You can check out the rules and play instructions at the MadPea website. Happy Hunting!

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