Use Seasonal Fallen Leaves for year-round landscaping!

Botanical Seasonal Fallen Leaves

New at Botanical for Autumn are Seasonal Fallen Leaf piles! Light ground clutter for year-round use, the leaf piles have fallen branches and rocks for spring and summer, with progressively more leaves through early, mid and late autumn. Leaf piles reach their peak at late autumn and early winter, with leaves fading away through winter and disappearing in spring. 8 shapes are included with 3 piles in large, medium and small sizes, as well as straight and curved pieces to line fences or street sides. Two styles of texture saturation is available, as well as brown dead leaves.

The Botanical Fallen Leaf set uses Botanical Seasonals V2 for easy season changing, and also works with the Botanical Weather System for wet and snow options.

The leaves are available exclusively at the Shiny Shabby event until November 14th, with release in the Botanical inworld store and Second Life Marketplace after that. While at the event, you can get the leaves for 25% off, with normal prices going into effect once the set is in the main store.

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